Oshkosh Tools Introduces New Load-Rated Lifting Tongs

Load Rated Lifting TongsOshkosh Tool has introduced 3 sizes of Load-Rated Lifting Tongs. Lifting tongs are  signified by the yellow color and are capable of lifting up to 2500 and 5000 lbs. depending on the size of tong (Oshkosh Tool skidding tongs are not load-rated and are not designed for over-head lifting purposes.)

All units are tested per ASTM B 30.20 Đ 1999, each unit is tagged with rated load and serial number. Test data is supplied with each tong. 


Oshkosh Tool Company Non-Conductive Handled Tools

Poly Handled ToolsOshkosh Tool Company, has introduced a new line of Non-Conductive handled tools that addresses the risk of workers being electrocuted due to the tools coming in contact with buried or overhead power lines.

The new “safety yellow” handles are made with VHME (very high modulus extrusion) utilizing Celestran® long fiber materials of to achieve a high strength core. The material gives the handle extra stiffness and outstanding impact resistance. In addition to the non-conductivity aspect, the  handles have excellent UV resistance, good heat deflection and improved performance at sub-zero temperatures. The new handles have the same dimension as Oshkosh’s traditional wood handled tools and can be produced in custom lengths.  


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